Big Dog Graphic F.A.Q.s

Rear window graphics FAQs

How do I apply the graphic?
All graphics come with one free squeegee and instructions. All applications are easy to install but you may also contact a local graphic installer for assistance. The perforation material is for a dry installation process.

What sizes do rear window graphic come in?

Our window perf will fit most vehicles (cars, trucks and SUVs) from end to end, with no glass visible. Application of a rear window graphic on certain vehicles with oversize windows may result in some glass visible around the outer edges. Please do call with nay questions. You will need to follow the instructions on how to properly measure your window(s) *For slider back windows you will want to keep the window closed or reduce how often you open it, fore, this can reduce the lifespan of the window perforation.

How many different styles are available?

We have hundreds of styles to choose from and if you don’t see what you want just place a custom order.

Can I wash my rear window graphic?

YES. Normal soap and water will work just fine. In the event you use a power washer, please keep spray nasal 12” away from the graphics.

Can I use my rear window heater?

YES. No damage will come to the window perf if the defrost is used.

Will my rear window graphic come off when I don’t need it anymore?

YES. Just start peeling off at the edge and the window perf will remove easily. The aide of a stainless steel blade might be needed.

Anything I shouldn’t do?

*Do NOT use ice scrapers on your rear window graphic. Do NOT use abrasives or solvent cleaners on your rear window graphic.

*If your vehicle has a back window wiper, the use of the wiper must be in minimal use. The ink will not fade from the sun or water but of excessive use of the wiper blade may cause the ink to fade in the shape of the wiper cleaning motion.

Is Window Perforation Legal?

Yes, as long as it does not cover your complete windshield or two fronts windows.

How to get started:

  • 1. Measure your rear window - To ensure that nothing gets cut off when you apply it, we'll need the width at the top, the width at the bottom, the height on the side and the height in the middle.
  • 2. Pay for your graphic. Include special instructions and upload your file.
  • 3. After we receive payment, we will work on the design and send you a proof to approve or change before we go to production. We'll work with you until we have it the way you want it!
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